About Laptop Loop

Welcome to Laptop Loop! Nice to meet you – my name is Ryan Kieft – a software engineer with a computer science degree. In addition, I graduated from the Full Stack Software Engineer program at General Assembly in New York City.

When my laptop decided to stop working in the middle of a college semester, I decided to take a deep dive into the world of laptops to make sure that I bought the best laptop for the money.

That was the moment that I realized that most of these laptop and tech reviews are authored by people who know next to nothing about laptops and technology in general. For many years I relied mostly upon laptop reviews and recommendations by people who knew less than I did.

Laptop Loop

So my business partner / friend and I founded Laptop Loop.

After researching and testing several laptop brands, and with the help of others, we finally managed to construct our own laptop review system – similar to a blind taste test.

Throughout our journey, while participating in many online discussions, we connected with thousands of laptop buyers who had the same concerns with most of the laptop information available online. Most websites are not exactly approved by experts.

ALL of the information that we publish on Laptop Loop has been written or overseen by a software engineer.

For Laptop Loop, my goal was to find and collect all of the information that I wish that had access to when I was shopping for a laptop for college.

Ultimately, this business will be successful because I know that your laptop is very important to you. Thank you for allowing me to help you.

Ryan Kieft

Co-Founder Of Laptop Loop